The Impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Job Skills and Career Readiness
Philip Gardner, Michigan State University

Image of Philip Gardner

Wednesday, April 24

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence is completely changing today’s workplace. While numerous career fields are being eliminated and replaced by automated technology, other new jobs are being created, and almost all jobs will incorporate greater use of computers in some way. These changes are having a major impact on the types of skills required for success in entry-level careers and beyond. Higher-level critical thinking, problem solving, and logic skills will be required–skills typically developed in postsecondary education. In addition, researchers predict that a combination of technical knowledge and skills learned from liberal arts fields will help students be most successful after graduation. What do all of these changes mean for school counselors and college access advisors? How can we best prepare and advise students for the future of work? This session provided an overview of the latest research on career readiness and informed attendees on the steps we need to take to better inform students, parents, educators, and school counselors on how to prepare for the world of work.