Interstate Cooperatives


Educational Technology Cooperative

Membership group of state K-12 and higher education coordinating and governing boards that represent more than 800 colleges and universities and 3,100 school districts in SREB states. The ETC focuses member agencies and state policymakers on using technology wisely, helps states understand technology issues, and forms an action agenda for effectively using technology in education. 

Kentucky representatives attended the spring and summer webinars. Kentucky sent four attendees to the 2018 ETC annual meeting on teaching and technology.

Kentucky ETC representatives helped determine SREB’s 10 Critical Issues in Educational Technology and served on working groups for revisions. Frank Wells of the Kentucky Department of Education served as team leader for the technology infrastructure and security working group. 

Kentucky ETC representative and member agencies:

David Couch, Associate Commissioner, Office of Education Technology, Kentucky Department of Education >

Insurance and Technology Purchasing Savings

Schools, universities and agencies in SREB states saved $8.3 million on over $83 million in technology purchases during fiscal year 2018 — more than double the FY2017 savings — through SREB’s participation in MHECtech discount agreements. Organizations in each of the 16 SREB states participated.

Kentucky saved $180,172 on $1,821,740​ in technology purchases in fiscal year 2018.

The University of Louisville participates in MHECare student insurance solutions. >