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Wednesday General Session


1 p.m. Central, Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Keynote Panel: “Cultivating An Explorer’s Mindset Through Storytelling”

Fay Gore, Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships & Grants, National Geographic SocietyJoin us for a Keynote Panel of National Geographic Explorers! Learn about their experiences working in their respective fields to illuminate and protect the wonders of our world while inspiring the next generation of change-makers.

Moderated by lifelong educator Fay Gore, senior director of Strategic Partnerships and Grants at the National Geographic Society, the panel will include three National Geographic Explorers: Tara Roberts, Ashley Lamb-Sinclair and Sruthi Gurudev.

This lively panel will explore three questions:

  1. What does it mean to have an Explorer’s Mindset?
  2. How can we help students develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge of a National Geographic Explorer?
  3. How can we cultivate this Explorer’s Mindset through the power of storytelling?
Fay Gore

Fay Gore — life-long educator, former classroom teacher and education consultant — currently leads strategic partnerships and grants work for National Geographic Society’s Education Division. In this capacity, she works to transform the teaching and learning experience by introducing educators and learners to free National Geographic resources experiences and Explorers. She also helps lay the foundation for the next generation of National Geographic Explorers.

Tara Roberts

Tara Roberts, National Geographic ExplorerNational Geographic Storytelling Fellow and National Geographic 2022 Explorer of the Year Tara Roberts spent the last few years following, diving with and telling stories about a group of Black scuba divers as they searched for slave shipwrecks around the world. Her journey was turned into a six-part National Geographic–produced narrative podcast called “Into the Depths,” as well as a cover story for the March 2022 issue of National Geographic magazine. Roberts has also worked as an editor for CosmoGirl, Essence, Ebony and Heart & Soul magazines, edited several books for girls, and founded her own magazine for women “too bold for boundaries.”

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, National Geographic ExplorerAward-winning educator, author and National Geographic Explorer Ashley Lamb-Sinclair oversees the 2892 Miles to Go Geographic Walk for Justice, a geo-inquiry program that amplifies community stories led and told by people most often left out of the narratives of human history and culture. Lamb-Sinclair was the 2016 Kentucky Teacher of the Year and served as the state’s inaugural Educator-in-Residence, where she supported and led efforts to amplify educator voice and agency.

Sruthi Gurudev

Sruthi Gurudev, National Geographic Young ExplorerNational Geographic Young Explorer Sruthi Gurudev’s love for the sea has led her to pursue a career of eco-journalism — storytelling that promotes youth engagement and innovation in ocean conservation. Gurudev’s ocean conservation e-magazine “An Hour in the Deep” is inspiring conservationists of all ages and backgrounds to protect the richness, wonder and biodiversity of our underwater environments and the whole planet.


This session is proudly sponsored by the National Geographic Society, a global nonprofit organization committed to using the power of science, exploration, education and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. They invest in a diverse global community of Explorers who investigate, test hypotheses, innovate, stretch their creativity and push the boundaries of traditional thinking in ways that fundamentally change our world. Through the lens of education, they work to inspire educators, youth and future Explorers by providing resources and experiences that enable them to learn about, care for and protect our planet.

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National Geographic is transforming the learning experience for youth and the educators who reach them with resources that help students think and act like Explorers. Visit the National Geographic Society booth (#s 204-210) in Education Marketplace in the Grapevine Ballroom to discover how you can invite National Geographic Explorers into your classroom for a virtual video call, browse our free resources and more! Dive into digital storytelling by enrolling in a Storytelling for Impact course — free online professional development for students and educators! Then journey with us to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to discover Into the Depths, a new six-part podcast series that explores the complex history of the global slave trade.

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