Padres Promoviendo Preparacion: Engaging Spanish-Speaking Parents through College Knowledge and Support
Speaker - Laura Gonzalez, University of North Carolina Greensboro


Thursday, April 19 – 3:45 p.m.

Padres Promoviendo Preparacion (PPP) was a three-year Spanish-language outreach program in Forsyth County, NC (funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust from 2014-2017).Our goals were to increase college knowledge and college-going self-efficacy among Latino immigrant parents, with the belief that more confident and informed parents could be better advocates for their college-bound children.The intervention was created by university faculty (Dr. Laura Gonzalez and Dr. José Villalba) in partnership with Latino-serving entities in the community (churches, non-profits, and schools).The partnering sites first hosted the 8-week program for their Spanish-speaking parents (with a PPP facilitator), then observed the program in order to learn to lead it, and finally facilitated the sessions collaboratively with us or independently.In the first two years of the outreach program, 113 Latino immigrant parents started the groups, and 86 parents finished all sessions.The parents were primarily low-income earners who had been in the United States between 10-20 years and rated their own English fluency as low.

The session provided (1) information about the content and structure of the 8-week outreach program, (2) pre-post survey data and themes from interviews with participants, and (3) suggestions for those who may want to implement a similar outreach program. Of note, the survey data showed positive gains across the groups, and the interviews shed light on how parents were able to interact differently with their children and the schools based on their newly acquired knowledge and confidence. Overall, PPP was a relatively low cost and low burden way to address college access for Latinos at the family level, bringing parents into the conversation in ways they had not been before.

Padres Promoviendo Preparacion Resources

The following is a free set of resources for helping to promote postsecondary options among the Latino immigrant students.  This program seeks to inform and empower Spanish-speaking parents so they can assist their children more effectively in educational planning.  

This Spanish-language outreach program started as a partnership with the College Foundation of North Carolina and was funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and the Winston Salem Foundation. 

PPP has a semi-structured psychoeducational group format, which means there are 7 topics and a closing celebration/graduation ceremony in a typical offering.  The overview of those topics and some ideas for group facilitation, the PPT’s that help to guide the groups, and needed handouts are all here for you.  There are a few extra resources as well that are helpful in orienting you to the particulars of post-secondary planning for immigrant families, such as the “Ensuring College Para Todos” guide put out by the Adelante Coalition.  These resources can be used in any way that you see fit to benefit Latino students and families.

The PPTs are not “word heavy,” so the session overview notes will help you understand what is meant by each slide and how to encourage conversation among the participants.  This is not meant to be like a classroom, but more like a dialogue. Be sure to include time for questions, concerns, examples, and community building.  These parents end up being wonderful role models for each other, so giving them time to connect with each other is well worth it.  If there are questions raised that need very specific expertise to answer (e.g., financial aid for students with non-citizen parents), you might consider contacting immigrant-serving community resources (e.g., Crosby Scholars, NC Society of Hispanic Professionals, Adelante Coalition).

For questions, contact:

Laura M. Gonzalez, PhD                                              Jose A. Villalba, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro               Wake Forest University