Phyllis Donatto
Founder and CEO, FTH Dimension Solutions

Phyllis Donatto, Founder and CEO, FTH Dimension Solutions

Phyllis Donatto is the founder and CEO of FTH Dimension Solutions, LLC, an executive leadership coaching and consulting firm specializing in empowerment solutions for team and personal growth. Her life’s work is to equip and empower leaders to lead by building cohesive teams while cultivating a thriving culture that impacts and inspires others to be their best selves. 

A first-generation college graduate, Donatto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Reading and a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a cognate in Administration and Supervision from the University of Louisiana, Monroe. She also holds a Master’s in Theological Studies from the Houston Graduate School of Theology in Houston, Texas, and certification in Executive Leadership Coaching from Paradigm 360 Coaching, an accredited coaching program, in Charlotte, NC.

Donatto believes that relationships matter, and how we treat one another directly influences and impacts a person’s value, self-worth and ability to thrive. She also believes that strong relationships among adult teams can positively impact student achievement.

Educators, Phyllis Donatto of FTH Dimension Solutions wants you to know that *you* are the difference-makers in your students' lives. Despite many challenges, you have the power to get things done and have not lost sight of your "why." Meet Phyllis and celebrate your year and your accomplishments at the 2022 Making Schools Work Conference in Grapevine, Texas.FTH Dimension Solutions emphasizes designing a learning culture that links individuals through their shared and different experiences. Assisting teams to become more self-aware of their behaviors and how these behaviors impact others – while learning to recognize, celebrate and connect with others – is the bridge that leads to safe, positive and empowered teams.

Donatto’s approach is simple: She provides the necessary strategies and tools to connect students and adults by facilitating experiences that promote effective problem-solving techniques and improve personal and professional interactions. Donatto lives to encourage and support others as they seek to become the best version of themselves in service, first to themselves and then to others. She has been referred to by many as a “Hope-ologist.” Donatto is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is married to her “gift,” Damond Paul Donatto, and they have one son, Ronald.