Professional Development
For Teachers, Principals and Counselors


College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference

Conference to share effective instructional strategies of the Literacy and Mathematics Design Collaborative frameworks. 

Kentucky attendees at the July 2017 conference: 51 >

High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference

Annual conference for thousands of school leaders, teachers and counselors from middle grades, high schools and technology centers across the country.

Kentucky attendees at the July 2017 conference: 51 >

Learning-Centered Leadership Program

Works with district, state and university partners to prepare aspiring principals and school leadership teams to lead school reform to ensure that students are ready for college and careers. This program offers training, guidance and technical assistance.

Kentucky attendees at the 2017 Annual Leadership Forum: 4 >

Literacy and Math Professional Development

The Literacy Design Collaborative framework empowers language arts, science and social studies teachers to build meaningful assignments aligned to their state’s college- and career-readiness standards. Teachers take ownership of their professional growth, and students take ownership of their learning.  

The Mathematics Design Collaborative teaching framework uses formative assessment lessons — part assessment, part instruction — to help teachers know whether their students understand material they have been taught. Teachers learn to adapt assignments and engage students so they understand the hows and whys of math.

In the 2016-17 school year, SREB professional development for these literacy and math teaching strategies reached Kentucky educators in 22 schools.

Kentucky teachers, principals and trainers who participated in training and coaching: 198


Athraa Alabudy of Olmsted Academy in Jefferson County Public Schools was honored in July 2017 with the Outstanding MDC Teacher Award.

Kelly Hagan of Jefferson County Public Schools was honored by SREB in July 2016 with the Outstanding MDC Local Trainer Award. >

Project-Based Learning in Career Pathway Courses

Training model for teachers in high-skill career and technical education programs, and career pathway academic courses. Academic and career and technical education teachers improve assignments and assessments by working with business and industry partners to develop projects that require students to apply college- and career-readiness and technical-academic standards.

Number of Kentucky teachers and administrators in training or coaching in 2016-7: 128

Number of participating schools in Kentucky during 2016-17: 19