Professional Development
For Teachers, Principals and Counselors


Making Schools Work Conference

Annual conference, formerly known as the High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference, for K-12 teachers, counselors, principals, technology center directors and state and district education agency personnel.

Kentucky attendees at the July 2018 conference: 28>

College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference

Conference that focuses on literacy and mathematics tools and strategies. Teams of educators and school leaders explore disciplinary literacy strategies and formative assessment lessons that engage students in math.

Kentucky attendees at the July 2018 conference: 26>

Teaching to Lead

Teacher preparation program that helps professionals from business and industry become career and technical education teachers. Intensive professional development and coaching supports teachers in planning instruction, engaging students, managing classrooms and designing standards-driven assignments.

Kentucky is receiving SREB support in 2018-19 for a statewide CTE teacher preparation program using T2L. Kentucky teachers participating in T2L will earn up to 12 hours college credit.