Using Social Listening to Increase Student Access and Success
October 10 │ 1:30 - 2:45 pm

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This session was a follow-up on Go Alliance’s work on how to best utilize social media and social media analytics. It focused on how college access programs can use social media to launch informational or aspirational outreach campaigns.

Social listening is the practice of monitoring and analyzing social media to identify common themes, words, and trends mentioned by a target audience. It is a very inexpensive and quick way to conduct qualitative research to better understand the needs and perspectives of first generation and low-income students as well as the barriers they face when planning, applying, and enrolling in education after high school. Knowing what a target audience is saying can help college access programs better design interventions, support programs, and outreach campaigns that will best meet students’ needs. 

This session provided an overview of:

  1. How to use social media analytics;
  2. What social listening is; and
  3. How to conduct social listening research to better support the students that you serve.