Scott Warren
Division Director, Making Schools Work


Scott Warren is the division director for Making Schools Work. He joined the Southern Regional Education Board in 2000 to lead efforts with challenged schools as they implemented SREB’s High Schools That Work for comprehensive school reform. In that role, he directed state initiatives for High Schools That Work /Making Middle Grades Work with a team of leadership and content coaches who support school redesign. Scott has led over 500 school, district, state and national workshops in: creating effective counseling programs, leading quality instruction, redesigning the ninth grade, creating career-themed academies, and raising the rigor of classroom assessments and assignments. He has also contributed in the development of multiple SREB leadership modules. 

Prior to SREB, Scott worked over 20 years as a math teacher, coach and school administrator in Indiana and Kentucky and with Department of Defense schools in Germany. In 1998, he was selected as a Highly Skilled Educator by the Kentucky Department of Education for providing technical assistance to the state’s most challenged schools. He also helped develop the state’s nationally recognized School Standards and Scholastic Audit.