Are Scores on the HSTW Assessment Related to Students’ Self-Reported Educational Experiences?

Publication March 20089 pages

High Schools That Work is a school improvement initiative that was inaugurated by the Southern Regional Education Board in 1987. At present, more than 1,200 HSTW sites in 32 states are using the framework of HSTW Goals and Key Practices to raise student achievement. To assess progress in school improvement and student achievement, one key component of HSTW is the HSTW Assessment, consisting of three subject tests (mathematics, reading, and science) and the HSTW Student Survey. Certain responses to selected questions in the Student Survey are used to construct indices measuring the degree of implementation of the HSTW Key Practices. In 2007, ETS undertook a study to determine if the indices of Key Practices are predictive of students’ performance on the HSTW Assessment subject tests.

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