Topic: Governance and Finance


Governance & Finance

SREB reports on education governance and finance actions in member states and, by request, researches specific issues to help policymakers understand and compare practices in other states.

Publication October 20174 pagesState Services Staff

Shared Services Arrangements

Shared services arrangements combine individual functions of two or more school districts to yield cost savings. These arrangements can take several forms. States review district operations and provide information that encourages sharing services.

Publication October 20173 pagesState Services Staff

Shared Superintendents

Some school districts may opt to share superintendents, particularly in tough financial times. Factors including number of districts influence this decision, and state incentives play a role in encouraging districts to adopt the option.

Publication October 200812 pages(08S10)Asenith Dixon

Focus on Governance in K-12 Education
State-Level Models

In elementary and secondary education governance, the need to build an effective system of public education is the driving force behind the selection of a state’s key education leaders. This paper provides a snapshot of what state K-12 governance looks like in SREB states.