On-demand Webinar: State Policies That Support Effective School Counseling
February 4, 2016


This webinar provides an overview of state policies that grant students access to qualified, professional school counselors who help students plan for college and careers. The webinar also included an explanation of how each policy was planned and eventually enacted by state. Policies included in the discussion:

  • State policies that: clarify school counselors’ roles and responsibilities to allow for increased direct service to students and/or align with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model
  • State policies that support professional development in the area of college and career advising for school counselors
  • State policies that provide meaningful evaluation systems/rubrics for school counselors that align with the ASCA national model

An overview of the content that is in different state policy  was be provided, as well as an explanation of how the policy was planned and eventually enacted.

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  • Barbara Brady, West Virginia Department of Education
  • Cynthia Floyd, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Julie Hartline, Past President, Georgia School Counselors Association
  • Melissa Miller Kincart, SREB Go Alliance consultant
  • Sam Nancarrow, SREB Office of the President
  • Camille O’Dell, Utah State University
  • Gail Simmons, retired, Mississippi Department of Education