Webinar: Strategies to Increase Parent Engagement in Postsecondary Planning
May 18, 2016


This webinar provided a brief overview of parent engagement strategies that have proven successful in the following programs:

  • America’s Promise Alliance is unique organization with a national perspective regarding the importance of parent engagement.  They also have developed a free, online parent engagement toolkit which was designed to be utilized by a variety of different stakeholders.
  • The Parent Engagement Program at the Georgia Department of Education has developed resources to engage Title I parents and family members in supporting the academic achievement of students. The program’s website provides public access to a series of materials and videos, intended for both Title I students and families, in what to expect when transitioning to high school. The program also uses Twitter and Facebook to highlight resources, articles, and videos focused on building the capacity of parents and school staff to help students of all ages succeed.  
  • Granite School District CCR leaders are connecting parents to schools to bridge the information and access gaps from public school to college and career using a variety of initiatives including individual CCR student-parent-counselor planning meetings in grades 7-12, minority/family outreach evenings, website enhancement and social media efforts, postcards and personalized emails sent just to parents, and more.  Parent engagement has increased substantially through their efforts and they have data to support it.

Chrystal Morris Murphy

Chrystal serves as Senior Director of Alliance Engagement at America’s Promise Alliance – a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth founded by General Colin Powell.  Ms. Morris Murphy has over 13 years of public affairs/grassroots, communications and constituency relations experience. Before coming to America’s Promise Alliance she was the managing director of two national public education campaigns: “Give Kids Good Schools” via Public Education Network and the “Get Schooled on College” campaign initiated by the Sallie Mae Fund.  Chrystal also spent five years as a successful public relations and marketing consultant where she provided branding, media training and image consulting services. In her spare time she volunteers as a certified helpline advocate for the Alexandria City Sexual Assault Center, serves on local boards whose mission it is to help children, and tutors students in Spanish, English, Biology and Civics (social studies).


Amy Park

Amy Park is the Program Manager of the Parent Engagement Program at the Georgia Department of Education. In her current role, she oversees the implementation of Title I, Part A, Section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the transition to Parent and Family Engagement as described in the Every Student Succeeds Act. Ms. Park has served in the public sector for more than 15 years which includes working with family literacy and adult basic education programs in Massachusetts, a statewide professional development project for educators in California, and state assessments for 1.4 million English Learners. She is currently an honorary member of the Board of Directors for the Georgia Parent Teacher Association.


Judy Petersen

Judy Petersen is currently Director of the College and Career Readiness Department, Granite School District, Salt Lake City, UT.  She oversees Granite School District’s K-12 school counseling program, the district’s high school graduation initiative, AVID, Latinos in Action, Freshmen Academy, and all things college and career readiness related.  Judy’s resume includes service as Guidance and Career Development Specialist for the Utah State Office of Education, adjunct faculty at the University of Utah and Utah State University, President of the Utah School Counseling Association, Guidance and Career Development Vice President for ACTE, and a longstanding member of ACTE’s Guidance and Career Development Policy Committee.  Judy is very involved in local, state, and national issues related to school counseling and college access.  She directed Granite School District’s involvement in the National Office of School Counseling Advocacy (NOSCA) Urban School Counseling Initiative, National FAFSA Completion Project, and Utah’s College Application Week pilot.  Judy has presented at state and national counseling and CTE conferences and has contributed to school counseling research.  Judy is forever dedicated to helping students prepare for college and career, and her license plate holder proudly states: Plan for the Future!