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College Affordability

What kinds of policy changes have the potential to help families afford postsecondary education and boost college completion?



National TCTW Leaders Forum

January 31 – February 2, 2017
Mobile, Alabama
Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel

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Join hundreds of state and local CTE leaders to discuss and learn how to connect students to a rigorous career pathway that ultimately leads to a career or college.

Learn more at www.sreb.org/tctwforum.


College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference

July 10-12, 2017
Nashville, Tennessee
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

The Networking Conference focuses on SREB’s literacy and math frameworks to support teacher instruction and student learning across all content areas. These tools help educators build a collaborative environment where teachers can experiment and encourage student ownership of learning.

Learn more at www.sreb.org/networkingconference.


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Publication July 9, 2016 | 7 pages | (16V18)Gene Bottoms and Kirsten Sundell

Career Pathways
Accelerating Access to the Middle Class

More and more jobs require some education past high school, yet we are not preparing enough students for college, careers or both. Career pathways from middle and high school through college and into the workplace can accelerate access to the middle class.


Early Childhood Education
State Policy Recommendations

The report of the SREB Early Childhood Commission

Building a Strong Foundation: State Policy for Early Childhood Education

The Commission calls for states to raise the quality of early education programs and ensure they are well-coordinated across different agencies and budgets. 

The recommendations cover wider access and accountability for results. The report also sheds light on the need for a statewide policy framework to bring together public and private funding currently spread across agencies and budgets.

General information

Study in a specialized field

Pay in-state tuition rates at an out-of-state college.

The SREB Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings program for college students in SREB states who want to pursue degrees not offered in their states. More than 1,900 programs are available.

Students benefit by being able to enroll in uncommon degree programs – at in-state tuition rates.

States benefit by avoiding duplication of specialized degrees offered in neighboring states.

Colleges benefit by filling capacity to serve additional students.

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