State: Delaware


Your Guide to Data and Services for Delaware

SREB works with Delaware policymakers, colleges and schools to help them improve education. From this page, find independent, accurate data, reliable best practices and ways to share scarce resources. Plus: details on how Delaware makes use of SREB’s many targeted programs and services.

Delaware Members of the Board

Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, Dover, ex officio (2017)
Steven H. Godowsky, Secretary of Education, Wilmington (2017)
Robert W. Rescigno, Assistant Professor, Wilmington University, Milford (2019)
Darryl M. Scott, Former State Representative, Dover (2016)
David P. Sokola, State Senator, Newark (2018)

(Appointments to the Board are made by the Governor. Terms expire June 30 of the specified year.)

Delaware Members of the Legislative Advisory Council

Stephanie Bolden, State Representative, Wilmington
Debra Heffernan, State Representative, Wilmington
Earl G. Jaques, State Representative, Newark
Joseph Miro, State Representative, Newark
Brian Pettyjohn, State Senator, Georgetown
Michael Ramone, State Representative, Newark
F. Gary Simpson, State Senator, Milford
David Sokola, State Senator, Newark

Publication September 20165 pages

College Affordability Profile

To help policymakers assess and improve college affordability in their states, SREB provides tailored reports on the policies, programs and prices that drive affordability. Each member-state profile details net price at different types of institutions, state financial aid based on need or other factors, student borrowing, and percentage of family income needed to pay for college at different income levels.

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Publication June 201640 pages(16E07-DE)

Delaware: Gauging Progress, Accelerating Pace

Gauging Progress, Accelerating Pace is the seventh biennial report to SREB states on their progress in meeting SREB’s Challenge to Lead goals for education. Each customized state report documents progress on both measurable outcomes and state policies. Through effective policy implementation, the goals can help states drive improvements in student achievement, high school graduation, college completion and workforce readiness.


Publication April 201615 pagesTysza GandhaAndy Baxter

Effective Teaching Communities
Lessons from high-needs, high-performing Delaware schools

Teachers hold the greatest potential impact on student achievement, compared to every other in-school factor. Yet schools with the greatest needs, those with a high percentage of low-income students and students of color, face the greatest teacher and leader turnover. They also often have less experienced and less effective teachers, according to national analyses.

Publication September 20144 pages

High School to College and Careers, Delaware

Are standards, assessments and readiness policies aligned to promote smooth transitions? Details on Delaware policies and requirements for high school graduation, accelerated learning, academic and career planning, college and career readiness, college admission, state financial aid and more.


Publication May 20133 pages

Delaware Accountability Profile

Delaware’s plans under federal waivers to No Child Left Behind: policies for raising student achievement, evaluating school performance, and identifying low-performing schools for state assistance.


Publication June 201236 pages(12E04)

Delaware: A Decade of Progress

This report outlines a decade of the state’s progress toward meeting SREB’s Challenge to Lead education goals. Data on key education measures for each of the 12 goals are presented, with commentary that puts the information in a regional and national context. The lead figures on each page also are available as PowerPoint slides at