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Making Middle Grades Work

Research Brief/Middle Grades: Quality Teaching Equals Higher Student Achievement

Changing How Students Learn and Teachers Teach

Improved Middle Grades Schools for Improved High School Readiness: Ten Best Practices in the Middle Grades

Skills for a Lifetime: Teaching Students the Habits of Success

Establishing Benchmarks of Progress for Middle Grades Sites

Making Middle Grades Work: An Enhanced Design to Prepare All Middle Grades Students for Success in High School

Preparing Middle Grades Students for High School Success: A Comparative Study of Most- and Least-Improved Middle Grades Schools

Deborah Bass
Director, Making Middle Grades Work

Too many students leave the middle grades unprepared to succeed in rigorous high school studies and unable to take advantage of all that high school can offer. By ninth grade, many struggling students have fallen behind and are on a path to become high school dropouts.

Through SREB's middle grades initiative, SREB states are among the first in the nation to implement strategies that address the crucial middle grades and key transition into high school. Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) helps states, districts and schools look at what they expect, what they teach and how they teach young adolescents to prepare for success in further education.

MMGW is a network of schools, districts and states committed to improving school and classroom practices in the middle grades by implementing a framework of Key Practices and conditions for continuous improvement. The MMGW brochure, Making Middle Grades Work: An Enhanced Design to Prepare All Middle Grades Students for Success in High School, details the essential elements and other components of the framework.

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