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Technology Centers That Work

Eighth Annual National TCTW Leaders’ Forum Registration Form

Credentials for All: An Imperative for SREB States

Executive Summary | Credentials for All: An Imperative for SREB States

Case Study: Summit Technology Academy

Recognizing Academic Achievement in Career/Technical Education: Conditions for Awarding Academic Credit for Career/Technical Courses

Case Study: Wes Watkins Technology Center

Case Study: Hunterdon County Polytech Career Academy

An Undeveloped National Resource: The Unrealized Potential of the Nation’s Career/Technical Centers

Technology Centers That Work Goals and Key Practices Poster

Getting Students Ready for College and Careers:Transitional Senior Mathematics

Ready for Tomorrow: Six Proven Ideas to Graduate and Prepare More Students for College and 21st-Century Careers

Technology Centers That Work: An Enhanced Design to Get All Students to Standards

Gene Bottoms
Senior Vice President

Lynda Jackson
Director, Technology Centers That Work

Technology centers, technical centers, career centers, and career and technical education (CTE) centers all have a common purpose: to provide high-quality CTE studies to high school students. Students may attend these centers for only a portion of the school day, week or year, or they may attend full time, receiving both academic and technical instruction at the center.

The Technology Centers That Work (TCTW) school improvement initiative was formed in 2007 to help these shared-time centers review and implement the actions needed to produce high-demand, high-wage graduates who will be leaders in their selected careers. The network now includes more than 180 sites in 18 states.

SREB provides member sites with staff development, technical assistance, publications and assessment services. TCTW sites participate in the biennial High Schools That Work (HSTW) Assessment and the TCTW Teacher Survey, designed specifically for teachers in shared-time centers. 

National TCTW Leaders’ Forum

February 2-4, 2016
Charleston, South Carolina

The forum is focused on creating opportunities for participants to have an open dialogue regarding issues facing technology centers and to hear from peers about successful practices that have positively impacted student performance.

Participants will learn how to help our country meet the workforce needs of business and industry, develop knowledge of how the new rigorous standards are impacting the content and instructional methodology of CTE programs, and improve their ability to provide quality school leadership and culture of the shared-time centers.

SREB Senior Vice President Gene Bottoms explains
Technology Centers That Work

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