Publication 201084 pages(07V10)

We Know What Works in the Middle Grades
Smart District Leadership Can Make It Happen

In this report, SREB compares schools in the MMGW initiative that have more fully implemented the MMGW research-based design with others that have been defined as low-implementation schools. The report shows clear differences in the achievement levels and academic success of these two groups of schools. The report also shows that dynamic, sustainable middle grades reform is far more likely to occur when district leaders, principal leaders and teacher leaders are all committed to the same improvement goals and means of achieving them.


Preparing Middle Grades Students for High School Success: A Comparative Study of Most- and Least-Improved Middle Grades Schools

In an era of rising college and workplace requirements, completing a quality high school education is more important than ever before. But students cannot be expected to excel in rigorous high school studies if they do not receive adequate preparation in the middle grades. Using the results from the 2004 and 2006 Middle Grades Assessments, this report compares school and classroom practices of improving and non-improving middle grades schools and identifies actions schools can take to prepare more students for success in high school and beyond.


Establishing Benchmarks of Progress for Middle Grades Sites

Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) expects schools to show continuous progress in implementing classroom practices and improving student achievement. This document helps verify improvement in student achievement and determine if 85 percent of students in all student groups are meeting the MMGW Goals in reading, mathematics and science.

Publication Gene Bottoms and Ione Phillips13 pages

Skills for a Lifetime:
Teaching Students the Habits of Success

Based on more than two decades of SREB research and experience, this book outlines the specific tools for building the major characteristics — or habits of success — that all students need in high school, postsecondary studies, advanced training and careers. With creative teacher tools, lesson ideas and guidance from educators with proven success in this effort, the book offers schools and districts a comprehensive framework for helping more students become independent, successful learners. 

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Publication March 201236 pages(12V05)

Improved Middle Grades Schools for Improved High School Readiness:
Ten Best Practices in the Middle Grades

SREB compares 10 middle grades schools that made significant progress in improving reading, mathematics and science achievement with 10 middle grades schools that failed to make progress over a two-year period, in order to discern what actions resulted in the greater improvement. The report identifies the 10 best practices from the most-improved middle grades schools.

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Publication June 201417 pages(14V06w)

Middle Grades: Quality Teaching Equals Higher Student Achievement
Research Brief

This report highlights indicators that reveal a significant relationship between students’ responses on the MMGW Student Survey and their subsequent achievement in one or more content areas. The data indicate students who experience high-quality instructional practices and engage in challenging assignments tend to score higher on state achievement exams in reading, mathematics and science.

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Making Middle Grades Work: An Enhanced Design to Prepare All Middle Grades Students for Success in High School

This brochure describes the Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) enhanced design for school improvement, including the updated MMGW framework of Goals and Key Practices, a recommended core curriculum, and Key Conditions. Those interested in joining the MMGW network can learn what network sites and member states agree to do as part of MMGW.

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