Publication February 201626 pagesTysza Gandha

State Actions to Advance Teacher Evaluation

What will happen to teacher evaluation in your state under the Every Student Succeeds Act? What actions can state departments of education take to improve the accuracy and value of teacher evaluation and feedback for educators, and local and state leaders?

Publication February 201522 pagesTysza Gandha

Toward Trustworthy and Transformative Classroom Observations

This report presents an analysis of classroom observation policies and progress in implementation in SREB states. It offers a closer look at how states are framing observations, training observers, ensuring observation quality and building a culture of educator support. 

Publication June 201324 pagesAndy Baxter

Toward Better Teaching
A View of Evaluation Policies, Practices and Lessons in SREB States

How do effective teachers impact student learning? Can educator performance reviews change and challenge the culture of the teaching profession?

What are states considering as they design and implement teacher evaluation systems? This is the inaugural title in SREB’s Educator Effectiveness Series, an evaluation of policies, practices and lessons in SREB states.


Publication Jeff GagneNovember 201112 pages(11E14)

Measuring a Teacher’s Value and Effectiveness in SREB States

Policy analysis and recommendations regarding the member states we serve in the aftermath of the 2009 Race to the Top grant competition. Reviews teacher evaluation system changes in several states, as policymakers continue the intensive task of quantifying teacher effectiveness and begin considering student achievement results as a major factor in teacher ratings.