Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance

SREB provides technical assistance at the state and local levels through several programs. Upon request, SREB will send experts to the field to help with building skills or solving specific education challenges. Browse available technical assistance options below.


Educator Effectiveness Technical Assistance
Focus groups and surveys for teachers and principals

Gathering and analyzing data from focus groups and surveys on educator issues is a service SREB provides to member states upon request. The service can help inform root cause analyses of specific challenges a state is facing, or provide capacity to monitor implementation of new policies and initiatives. The team works with a state project lead to tailor questions and set the parameters for sampling methods to meet state needs.


College access policy, programs and marketing
Go Alliance

SREB’s Go Alliance provides state agency officials expertise in college access policy, program design and college access marketing. Go Alliance can deliver state-specific research and recommendations to policymakers to identify areas of overlap, contradiction, gaps, loopholes or barriers to college access. 

For example, West Virginia contracted with Go Alliance for a comprehensive, statewide audit of policies and programs that affect high school graduation rates. The results were used in state legislation to reduce dropout rates.

General information

Learning-Centered Leadership Program Technical Assistance

Since 2000, the SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program has worked with states to prepare and develop school principals to lead student and teacher learning. SREB asserts that policy and state action, focused on key points of leverage, will create a system able to attract high-quality future principals, prepare them to lead student and teacher learning, and keep them motivated to remain and grow in the profession.