More Teacher Training


Readiness Training

State Training

SREB provides regional training for states interested in implementing Readiness Courses statewide. Initial training is performed by SREB Readiness Course master trainers, and future training will be conducted by state trainers.

Georgia training, June 8-10

Oklahoma training, June 13-15

Alabama training, June 14-16

Arkansas training, June 28-30

South Carolina training, June 28-30 and July 26-28

Mississippi training, July 18-20

Indiana training, July 19-21

North Carolina training, July 26-28 and August 2-4


Local Training

SREB can provide training for school districts interested in implementing Readiness Courses. SREB recommends four days of training for schools implementing Readiness Courses, with additional online follow-up support for teachers as they implement the program.

SREB Ready Master Trainers

SREB master trainers are expert teachers with the experience and knowledge to prepare other teachers in the pedagogical approach and content knowledge needed to successfully implement the Readiness Courses.

SREB Ready State Trainers

After statewide implementation, SREB works with states to identify and train state trainers who will train additional new teachers. This train-the-trainer approach provides the framework for the state to sustain its efforts.

SREB Ready Online Follow-up Training

SREB provides online support for teachers during the first year of implementation of Readiness Courses. Connecting teachers to an SREB master trainer and to fellow teachers in their region ensures a quality experience for  teachers and their students.

Completion of both in-person training and the online follow-up training is required for those interested in becoming a state trainer or master trainer.

Teacher Certification

SREB provides certifications for both teachers and schools and works with states on endorsements for teacher licensure.

SREB certifies teachers who complete training for the Readiness Courses. Certificates of completion are provided to participants and reported to states and districts for professional development and continuing education credit.

Note that teacher certification is required for teachers interested in becoming a state trainer or master trainer.

School Certification

For schools implementing Readiness Courses with certified teachers, SREB provides an SREB Ready Certification, which signifies that the school has implemented the program with fidelity and documented the impact of the program in terms of student success. Schools that achieve this level are eligible to become SREB Ready Exemplars and invited to present their results at the annual High Schools That Work conference in July.

State Endorsements

SREB provides documentation of teacher and school certification to the state’s department of education. SREB will work with states interested in creating an SREB Ready endorsement for teacher licensure.