Ready for College


Ready for College

Far too many students need developmental education when they get to college. Of the two million students who took the ACT exam in 2015, only 43 percent met the College Readiness Benchmark in literacy, with only 44 percent meeting the benchmark in math. Even fewer students are prepared to study science in college, with only 37 percent of the students met the College Readiness Benchmark.

SREB’s courses for college readiness, Literacy Ready and Math Ready, were developed specifically to help address the readiness gap.

A Challenging Curriculum

Underprepared students need interesting, real-world problems to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need in life. They need to develop the ability to read complex texts and present their understanding both orally and in writing. The SREB Ready courses set high expectations for students to reach their true potential.

A Different Approach

SREB offers a new teaching and learning model. Students are engaged in learning and working with their peers to understand concepts and develop skills needed for success. Math students must understand concepts, not just memorize formulas. Literacy students must be able to present complex arguments and defend those arguments both orally and in writing. To ensure that each student develops these skills, teachers must provide individual assistance, encouraging and rewarding progress to foster the potential that lies within each student.

“The SREB Readiness Courses provide rigorous curricula that meet the demands of students by ensuring they develop essential skills needed to be successful in postsecondary course work.” — Jean Massey, Mississippi Department of Education


Literacy Ready
Ready for Reading in All Disciplines

This course utilizes a disciplinary literacy approach that teaches students strategies for reading and understanding complex texts in different subject areas. Students learn to develop and defend ideas from textbooks and write about them in college-level formats for English, history and biology. The unit structure conforms to the framework of the Literacy Design Collaborative, which addresses college- and career-readiness standards.

The course consists of six units, with two units in English and language arts, two units in history and two units in science. Discipline-specific content is at the forefront of the curriculum, and literacy skills specific to each discipline are emphasized in the reading and writing assignments.

Literacy Ready Outline 

  • English Unit 1  The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • History Unit 1   Civil Rights Movement
  • Science Unit 1  Nutrition
  • English Unit 2   Ubik by Phillip K. Dick
  • History Unit 2    U.S. Foreign Affairs
  • Science Unit 2  DNA and Biotechnology

Math Ready
Ready for College-Level Math

This course emphasizes understanding of mathematics concepts rather than just memorizing procedures. Math Ready students learn the context behind procedures and understand why to use a certain formula or method to solve a problem. By engaging students in real-world applications, Math Ready develops critical thinking skills that students will use in college and their careers.

Note that Math Ready is not designed to prepare students for advanced mathematics in STEM majors.