Editorial Tips


Editorial Tips
Make sure your content captures and keeps readers' attention!

AP Style

SREB.org adheres to Associated Press style and the SREB style guide. More on our intranet > 

Here are ways to strengthen your SREB online content.

Write with the reader in mind. Ask yourself: Does your audience have the background knowledge to understand what you’re saying?

The content on your page should be easy to read

  • Use clear language and relevant examples.
  • Do not use jargon, and avoid unfamiliar acronyms. Even when your primary audience consists of employees or current clients, it’s important to be aware that other audiences or prospective clients may be viewing your page.
  • Be concise. A length of 300-700 words is reasonable for an average page.

Make sure your page is skimmable.

  • Use headings and subheadings to organize the page and break up multiple paragraphs.
  • Use lists/bullets when you can.
  • Put the most important content on your page in the first paragraph. You don’t want the reader to miss the main idea. (Who, what, when, where, why, how)

Use good, clear images that relate to the text on the page.

More tips

Avoid time frame terms that “date” the content: e.g., Currently, today, as of 2013, projected through 2014. Because a year or two after you publish, these time frame terms will still be on the page. 

Don’t create links that use the phrase “click here.” Write the sentence as you normally would, and place the link anchor on the word or words that best describe the content you are linking to. Between one and five words is the ideal length for an effective hypertext link.