Roles & Responsibilities


Expectations for All Users

Training and Collaboration

Initial training is required for login credentials. Schedule this with Christine Oliver.

Continuous improvement: Web account holders are members of SREB’s web user group, with a menu of options for collaboration and ongoing learning. Each member should participate in the best fits to improve their CMS skills and improve their content

  • Quarterly training from Digital Deployment
  • Webcamps
  • Other …?

For all edits or new content, be sure:

  • changes have been approved by vice president, manager or editors as required by your program area
  • the content is factually correct and up-to-date
  • all links and functionality work properly (Link checker )

Content contributor Role

Content contributors are authorized to make changes to existing content assigned to them. Content contributors can also create new posts for existing pages.

To create new pages, discuss with Communications.


Content manager role

Content managers are responsible for keeping pages or sections accurate and current. They may edit existing posts and pages or add new content.

For changes that affect how sections or pages are organized, consult with Communications.

Content managers and communications staff should schedule annual or more frequent meetings to review content and identify priorities for improvement.


Communications staff responsibilities

Ensure consistency, currency, quality, standards

Build new pages and posts

Manage user roles, train new users

Provide ongoing support and assistance for users

Approve posts within 24 hours

Promote sharing of content across program-area silos

Pursue continuous improvement: learning advanced functionality and how it may help SREB site, managing


SREB policies that apply to web contributors

Passwords and Accounts

Do not share your account, login credentials or password with anyone, including other SREB employees.

SREB IT password policies

AP and SREB Style

Staff should use the SREB Style Guide, which includes references to specific education terms. SREB follows the Associated Press Stylebook and Webster’s New World College Dictionary for spelling and punctuation. 

Style guides  >

Visual Identity

SREB’s Visual Brand Guidelines cover:

  • SREB logos
  • Colors
  • Typefaces
  • Visual hallmarks

Visual ID guidelines >

Mass Emails

SREB policy on email campaigns >

Political Speech and Social Media

SREB’s name must remain separate from any partisan speech or activity. Take special care not to jeopardize the public’s perception of SREB as independent and nonpartisan. 

Policies >