Literacy Ready


Literacy Ready
Ready for Reading in All Disciplines

This course utilizes a disciplinary literacy approach that teaches students strategies for reading and understanding complex texts in different subject areas. Students learn to develop and defend ideas from textbooks and write about them in college-level formats for English, history and biology. The unit structure conforms to the framework of the Literacy Design Collaborative, which addresses college- and career-readiness standards.

The course consists of six units, with two units in English and language arts, two units in history and two units in science. Discipline-specific content is at the forefront of the curriculum, and literacy skills specific to each discipline are emphasized in the reading and writing assignments.

Literacy Ready Outline 

  • English Unit 1  The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • History Unit 1   Civil Rights Movement
  • Science Unit 1  Nutrition
  • English Unit 2   Ubik by Phillip K. Dick
  • History Unit 2    U.S. Foreign Affairs
  • Science Unit 2  DNA and Biotechnology

What Teachers Are Saying
About Literacy Ready

“I absolutely loved the idea of them going to their timelines to supply context! What a great idea. Usually I am spoon feeding them background knowledge, but this was genius!”

“The cartoons were great, and knowing something about the cartoonist really hit home for sourcing!”

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Literacy Ready
Ready for College

SREB’s Literacy Ready course for the senior year of high school is designed to prepare students who aren’t yet ready for college literacy. This flier presents a quick overview of the English, history and science units in the course.