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How Do I Apply?

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Before applying make sure that:

1. You are applying, admitted to, or enrolled in a Ph.D. program. All other doctoral/professional degree programs are ineligible, including D.B.A., D.D.S., D.N.P., D.P.T., D.V.M., Ed.D., J.D., M.D., Pharm.D., etc.

2. You are looking to attend a participating institution in a participating state. (See Participating States & Institutions.) If your institution is not currently participating or in a participating state, but you are interested in being a part of the program contact: or

3. You are eligible for the:
o The Doctoral Award- For scholars within the first year of their Ph.D. program or who are expecting admission before the academic year begins OR
o The Dissertation Award- For scholars who have completed all course work and comprehensive/preliminary exams and who have defended or will defend the dissertation prospectus successfully before the academic year begins.
4. You meet all citizenship (U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident status) and state residency eligibility requirements.
o Note: Residency status is determined by the institution.
o Note: In-state residency is required in GA, MD, SC, TN and VA. If applying to institutions in GA, MD, SC, TN or VA, you must submit verification of in-state residency from the university. This is not the same as "in-state tuition status" granted to some out-of-state scholars.
o Note: The in-state residency status document can be obtained from your school’s registrar’s office.
If you meet the criteria stated above, you can begin the actual application process:

5. Complete and submit:
o Doctoral Award application form OR Dissertation Award application form
o Doctoral Award application checklist form OR Dissertation Award application checklist form
o Letter of interest (including statement of teaching goals)
o Three letters of recommendation
o Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts (can be unofficial copies)
o Letter or email providing evidence of acceptance.
o Verification of U.S. citizenship (copy of birth certificate, not driver's license) or permanent U.S. resident status (copy of permanent resident I.D. card)
o Verification from the university of in-state residency status, if applying in GA, MD, SC, TN or VA. This is not the same as in-state tuition status, which is sometimes granted to out-of-state scholars.
oIf applying for the one-year Dissertation Award: Verification from the department chairperson of successfully passing the preliminary/comprehensive exams and successful defense of the dissertation prospectus before the start of the academic year.


Applications become the property of the SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program and are destroyed after selections are made for the academic year.

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