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SREB Readiness Courses

New York
North Carolina
West Virginia

John Squires
Director, High Schools to College Readiness Program

Transitioning to college and careers

Math Ready: Ready for college-level math

Literacy Ready: Ready for reading in all disciplines

Powerful courses to teach students the skills they need to learn and think independently after high school

The problem: Too many students graduate from high school underprepared for college or career training, and far too many need developmental education when they get to college. This readiness gap will look even larger as new assessments begin testing students on more rigorous college- and career-readiness expectations such as the Common Core State Standards.

One solution: SREB’s two Readiness Courses were developed specifically to help close the readiness gap. They teach young adults the reading, writing and math skills they must have to succeed in the workplace or college. The classes are taught in an engaging way that leads students to learn and think independently, read for information and solve problems.

Who developed them? SREB partnered with states around the nation, working with teams of teachers, faculty, agency staff and experts, to write and test the courses and offer them, at no cost, to all states. SREB plans to update future versions of the courses based on feedback from classroom teachers.

For which students? Students who are assessed as underprepared on college- and career-readiness standards will take the classes, generally in 11th or 12th grade.

Explore these pages for details on the curricula and modules, including sample assignments.

Math Ready:
Ready for college-level math
Literacy Ready:
Ready for reading in all disciplines

Or register to download the full course curricula for initial versions of the courses, updated August 2014.

Now Available on iTunes U!

Both SREB Readiness Courses are now available for online teaching via SREB on iTunes. The Math Ready and Literacy Ready courses are also searchable, by name, on the iTunes U app on your iPad or iPhone. Subscribe to the courses today!


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