Coordinating and Governing Boards Sandbox


Coordinating Boards
Functions and List by State

  • defines the overall mission
  • does long-range (master) planning (needs analysis, goals and objectives, evaluation)
  • conducts policy analysis and problem resolution
  • handles academic program review and approval
  • oversees budget development, funding formula, resource allocation
  • makes decisions about statewide student financial aid
  • reviews information and accountability systems
  • handles postsecondary school licensing and oversight
  • oversees statewide projects and initiatives
  • K-20
  • endowed chairs
  • research incentives
  • ensures quality assurance
  • sets revenue (tuition and fees) guidelines or policies
Multi-Campus Coordinating Boards in SREB States
Alabama Alabama Commission on Higher Education
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Governing Boards
Functions and list by state

  • appoints campus/multicampus CEO
  • establishes policies and approves actions related to personnel
  • ensures fiscal integrity
  • handles other policy functions, such as coordinating boards and management functions
  • allocates resources
  • sets revenue (tuition and fees) policies
  • owns property
  • executes leases and contracts
  • borrows money and issues bonds
  • confers degrees
Multi-Campus Governing Boards in SREB States
Alabama University of Alabama System

Auburn University System


Alabama Community College System

  Department of Postsecondary Education
Arkansas University of Arkansas System
  Arkansas State University System