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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Technology security is a global issue for education, government, military, business and private individuals. Each October, the topic is highlighted to bring attention to the issue.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is celebrating its 15th year since inception. Homeland Security provides a toolkit that discusses resources and how to engage various stakeholders on the importance of cybersecurity. 

Publication March 201714 pages

Expanding Accessibility to Digital Spaces Through Improved Policy and Practice

Making online content accessible for students with disabilities is not easy, but it is the law. As deficiencies have resulted in lawsuits and costly resolutions, more-specific legislation has emphasized that all students need greater access to digital resources. This policy brief reviews the legal landscape and offers recommendations for how states, state agencies, colleges and schools can comply with federal and state disability laws.



Data Systems Should Be Secure Tools for Learning
SREB Releases Policy Brief

As states pass new data laws for schools, policymakers should ensure these policies address transparency, privacy, security, collection, use and sharing. Most important, these systems should drive student learning and protect student and employee privacy. A new brief, Data Privacy and Security, from SREB’s Educational Technology Cooperative provides states with clear recommendations for education data policies. This brief is a useful overview on two education data topics — privacy and security.

Publication August 20166 pages(16T02)

Data Privacy and Security
Policy Brief, 10 Issues in Educational Technology

Educators and policymakers often struggle to balance keeping data private and secure with making educational technology available for innovations in teaching and learning. This policy brief reviews recent legislation related to data privacy and security and reports on security breaches at various organizations. It also provides policy recommendations that incorporate best practices in technology, transparent data governance and security risk mitigation, while maintaining accessible and functional systems. 


Publication February 201620 pages(16E05)

Direct From the Inside: KCTCS Direct2Degree Program

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) received a Wave III-B Next Generation Learning Challenges grant in 2013 to focus on breakthrough models for enhancing college completion. The Direct2Degree program was designed to accelerate the rate of degree attainment in Kentucky — with degree paths that would be more cost-efficient for students than traditional paths.