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State Regulations and Actions

SREB staff are tracking developments in our states. Please contact us if we maybe of service with additional information on state responses related to education and the workforce.

Policies from each state related to school response to disease outbreak. Includes links to state public health office guidance in each state, from ChildTrends

From the National Conference of State Legislatures

School closure map from Education Week

Stress testing to help plan for budgetary effects, from Pew Trusts


Career Pathways

States, schools, colleges and employers can partner to build pathways that raise attainment, narrow skills gaps and serve local workforce needs.


College Affordability

What policy changes have the potential to help families afford postsecondary education and boost college completion?



SREB Webinars

Join us to learn more in interactive sessions on ed tech, teacher prep, workforce and more.



GA OER Available in All States

Georgia Virtual’s open educational resources for students and teachers are freely available in all states thanks to the Georgia Department of Education and its Georgia Virtual Learning program. This includes course content for middle grade and high school students and training for educators on remote learning as well as special needs.

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From pre-K to Ph.D., education across a lifetime.


Learn more about these reports, services and results.


Early Math Matters
Teacher preparation, math anxiety and more

Mastering math concepts in elementary school is critical to keep students on track to tackle more complex material in middle and high school.This report offers recommendations to get elementary teachers the thorough preparation they deserve. It also explores math anxiety, dyscalculia and more.

General information
Uncommon degrees. In-state tuition. Is Academic Common Market right for you?

Uncommon degrees. Unusual opportunities.

SREB’s Academic Common Market is a hub for states, universities and college students to share access to uncommon degree programs. Students whose states don’t offer the degree they want may find the program in another SREB state and be eligible to attend at in-state tuition rates.

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