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Critical Issues


Education & the Workforce

If we don’t prepare them with skills and credentials for a workforce transformed by automation,18 million people in the South could be unemployable.


Career Pathways

States, schools, colleges and employers can partner to build pathways that raise attainment, narrow skills gaps and serve local workforce needs.


College Affordability

What policy changes have the potential to help families afford postsecondary education and boost college completion?


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Teacher Compensation Dashboard

SREB’s new interactive dashboard gives users the ability to explore the average compensation packages — salaries, health and retirement benefits, and take home pay — for teachers in each SREB state. 


Partnerships to Align Education and Careers

As automation accelerates, it is more important than ever to prepare students for good careers available in their local economies. When schools and colleges partner with industries of strategic importance in their states, more students are prepared for in-demand jobs and more employers can meet their workforce needs.  


New Ideas in Teacher Compensation

To help states retain their teachers and recruit the next generation into the profession, SREB offers an examination of teacher compensation policies in our states and how adjustments could help reverse teacher shortage trends. 

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