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Gene Bottoms, Leader of School Improvement, Retires from SREB
Dale Winkler Named SREB Vice President for School Improvement

After a 61-year career of making school work for students, Gene Bottoms has retired from his role leading school improvement programs for the Southern Regional Education Board.

Gene Bottoms

And after a two-year transition period, Dale Winkler now takes on those responsibilities as SREB vice president for school improvement.

“Gene Bottoms is a giant in the world of improving education for all students,” said SREB President Dave Spence. “What he has built will help students, teachers and states for decades to come.”

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Study in a specialized field

Pay in-state tuition rates at an out-of-state college.

The SREB Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings program for college students in SREB states who want to pursue degrees not offered in their states. More than 1,900 programs are available.

Students benefit by being able to enroll in uncommon degree programs – at in-state tuition rates.

States benefit by avoiding duplication of specialized degrees offered in neighboring states.

Colleges benefit by filling capacity to serve additional students.

What can program H learn from programs  C and D?

Teacher Preparation Data Systems
State Policy and Recommendations

Building strong data systems on the education and early careers of teachers may be the single best way to improve teacher preparation. A report from the SREB Teacher Preparation Commission recommends a critical first step in efforts to improve teacher preparation programs. 

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