School Improvement Services


School Improvement Services

At SREB, we hold that all students — regardless of their gender, race, socioeconomic background, ability level or location — can graduate ready for college and careers if school leaders and teachers create meaningful learning experiences, provide personal supports and encourage students to make the effort to succeed.

How do we know? We’ve spent decades investigating what works to build and sustain lasting capacity for change in schools nationwide.


We Know What Works
Let us help you meet bold goals for student achievement

Imagine a district in which each middle grades student enters high school able to read and understand grade-level texts and prepared to take Algebra I. In high school, every student earns enough credits as a first-time ninth-grader to enter the 10th grade, graduates on time, and earns a credential or degree of value by age 25.

Watch our video introduction to SREB's Office of School Improvement and the Key Practices of our Making Schools Work school improvement process.

What Makes It Work?

At SREB, we’ve learned that school improvement works when change efforts are grounded in a shared vision and mission, teachers and leaders own their efforts, and ongoing support builds capacity within the school and the district to sustain positive change.

That’s why our research-based, time-tested school improvement process puts K-12 leaders, teachers and counselors in the driver’s seat and gives them the wraparound supports, ongoing professional learning and coaching, challenging curricula like our “out of the box” Advanced Career pathways, and transformative instructional strategies they need to shift their practices from good to great.

What else do we do? SREB’s leadership and instructional coaches and staff:

We help schools and districts set and meet bold goals for student achievement, access and equity by focusing on five key areas:

  • engaging students through quality instruction
  • aligning curricula with state readiness standards
  • ensuring that students can explore careers and complete career pathways that align with their interests and aptitudes
  • providing student supports that promote readiness
  • creating and supporting cultures of continuous improvement

Learn more in these pages, and let us know how we can partner with you to build and sustain lasting change.