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Your Guide to Data and Services for Mississippi

SREB works with Mississippi policymakers, colleges and schools to help them improve education. From this page, find independent, accurate data, reliable best practices and ways to share scarce resources.

Mississippi Members of the Board

Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, Jackson, ex officio (2024)
Richard Bennett, State Representative, Long Beach (2026)
Dennis DeBar, Jr., State Senator, Leakesville (2024)
Holly Spivey, Director of Government Relations, Mississippi Department of Education, Jackson (2023)
Carey Wright, Former State Superintendent of Education, Jackson (2025) Executive Committee member

(Appointments to the Board are made by the Governor. Terms expire June 30 of the specified year.)

Mississippi Members of the Legislative Advisory Council

Richard Bennett, State Representative, Long Beach
Dennis DeBar, Jr., State Senator, Leakesville
Briggs Hopson, State Senator, Vicksburg
Kent McCarty, State Representative, Hattiesburg

Publication September 202152 pages

Addressing Mississippi’s Teacher Shortage: A Collaborative Action Plan
Mississippi Governor’s Education Human Capital Task Force: Final Recommendation Report

The final report from Mississippi Governor’s Education Human Capital Task Force provides a set of recommended action steps for addressing teacher shortages and strengthening the teacher workforce across the state. The set of solutions developed by the Task Force require educators and leaders to collaborate across traditional silos to tackle the root causes of the pipeline issue. The strategies span the teacher career continuum and aim to provide solutions driven by outcomes and backed by evidence, data and best practice.

SREB supported the Task Force by facilitating open dialogue, providing custom research and sharing promising practices from other states.

Publication April 20212 pages

Student and Faculty Diversity

These state profiles compare the demographics of college faculty and the general and college student populations in each SREB state. The data compare the percentage of Black, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska Native, and white students with the percentage of faculty in those groups at two-year and technical colleges, public four-year institutions and private four-year institutions.


Publication January 20219 pages

College Affordability Profile

To help policymakers assess and improve college affordability in their states, SREB provides tailored reports on the policies, programs and prices that drive affordability. Each member-state profile details net price at different types of institutions, state financial aid based on need or other factors, student borrowing, and percentage of family income needed to pay for college at different income levels.


Publication August 20206 pages

Mississippi Governor’s Education Human Capital Task Force
Interim Report #1

This report outlines progress and initial recommendations of the Mississippi Governor’s Education Human Capital Task Force on the first of three priority issues: recruitment and retention of quality teachers. It includes short-term and longer-term actions to strengthen teacher preparation for remote learning and for social-emotional learning, with special attention to how the COVID-19 pandemic may inform changes.


Publication July 202040 pages

Mississippi: A Turning Point

A Turning Point is the ninth biennial report to SREB states on their progress in meeting SREB’s Challenge to Lead goals for education. The 2020 report  focuses on Charting a Course to 2030 — evaluating how well states are preparing their workforces for the future economy. Each customized state report documents advancement on both measurable outcomes and state policies. Through effective policy implementation, the goals can help states drive improvements in student achievement, high school graduation, college completion and workforce readiness.



Blog post Stephen L. PruittSREB President
4th Grade NAEP Reading, Percentage Scoring At or Above Proficient in Mississippi. MS18% (2005) 32% (2019); SREB 28% 2005, 32% (2019); US 30% 2005, 34% 2019)

Thank Goodness for Mississippi
Star NAEP Showing Follows a Long Commitment

“Thank goodness for Mississippi.”

It used to be that this was something you heard from people who were grateful that Mississippi kept their own states from the dubious honor of last place in education rankings. Those folks may not have noticed that, since 2005, Mississippi has been making steady gains.

And now, after Mississippi offered a rare bright spot on the Nation’s Report Card earlier this month, we have a new reason to be thankful for Mississippi: We can learn from their success.

Real progress takes time.

News SREB News Release

Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee Educators Win National Readiness Awards
Preparing students for college-credit courses

Educators from Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee, and schools in Arkansas and Mississippi, in were honored this week with the Southern Regional Education Board’s Readiness awards. These national awards recognize outstanding teachers and leaders offering SREB’s Readiness Courses, which help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary programs without the need for remediation.

News SREB News Release
Marla Davis, Mississippi Department of Education

Mississippi, Arkansas Educators Win National Readiness Awards
Outstanding leadership in improving college readiness for high school students

Four educators were honored this week for their work to help underprepared students succeed in high school and postsecondary studies. Mary Zluticky of Horn Lake High School in Mississippi, Phil Wesson of Sheridan High in Arkansas, and Marla Davis and Jean Massey of the Mississippi Department of Education won SREB awards.