Legislative Actions on Education


Legislative Action

SREB tracks and reports on actions on education issues by state lawmakers across the SREB region. Based on research and meetings with state leaders during their legislative sessions, issues of the Legislative Report detail recent governors’ proposals, bills and funding actions.  

Legislators, governors’ staffs and other policy-makers often turn to SREB for the latest information on education issues. 

State senators, representatives, their staff members and others may contact SREB State Strategies staff for assistance at any time.


Proposed Teacher Salary Increases, 2020

Teacher salaries remain a key education issue across the country. Legislatures in many SREB states took action in 2019 to increase teacher salaries for the 2019-20 school year.

As of February 24, 2020, governors in seven SREB states have proposed teacher salary increases.

Publication January 20209 pages

Top Five State Education Issues for 2020

This report provides an overview of the top five education issues on the 2020 legislative agendas in SREB states, including:

•  workforce 
•  postsecondary access and affordability
•  K-12 funding
•  the educator workforce
•  school safety and school climate

Publication September 2019 | 5 pages

Dual Enrollment Legislation in SREB States, 2019

This report summarizes 2019 legislation related to dual enrollment by state. It also displays dual enrollment bills by these themes: access, faculty, financial aid, funding and cost, programs and agreements, students and student services student services, transferability, and workforce or career and technical education


Publication August 201915 pages19S03

August 2019 Legislative Report

Final legislative and budget actions in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Virginia and West Virginia. Notes from other SREB states.


Publication February 20196 pages19S01

February 2019 Legislative Report

Governors’ legislative and budget proposals in Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Notes from other SREB states.


Publication October 20184 pagesMatthew Smith, SREB Research Associate

Improving School Climate

This publication includes information on state legislation and considerations for improving adult professional culture and measuring school climate.


Publication May 20184 pagesState Services Staff

School District Consolidation

Consolidation, also referred to as regionalization or reorganization, is the process of joining two or more schools or districts into a single entity. State policymakers seeking efficiencies in K-12 education often explore district consolidation as a means of decreasing education expenditures. For decades researchers and policymakers have debated the benefits of consolidation.

Publication May 20188 pages18S02

2018 Legislative Report No. 2

Governors’ legislative and budget proposals in Delaware and Oklahoma. Final actions in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi and West Virginia. Notes from other SREB states.


Publication February 20188 pages18S01

2018 Legislative Report No. 1

Governors’ legislative and budget proposals in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Notes from other SREB states. 


Publication October 20174 pagesState Services Staff

Shared Services Arrangements

Shared services arrangements combine individual functions of two or more school districts to yield cost savings. These arrangements can take several forms. States review district operations and provide information that encourages sharing services.

Publication October 20173 pagesState Services Staff

Shared Superintendents

Some school districts may opt to share superintendents, particularly in tough financial times. Factors including number of districts influence this decision, and state incentives play a role in encouraging districts to adopt the option.