Biggest Attractions


Explore the City

Nashville is known for its love of country music, but what else is there to do while you are in town?

Here are some of the area’s biggest attractions:

For Music Lovers

1. The Country Music Hall of Fame (which is also one of our industry tours so that you can explore the city while gaining ideas about career pathways for your school.)

2. The Grand Old Opry

3. Local Honky Tonks 

4. The Johnny Cash Museum

5. National Museum of African American Music (also an industry tour)

For Nature/Animal Lovers

1. The Nashville Zoo

2. Cheekwood Estates and Gardens

For Sports/Adventure/Fitness Fans

1. GEODIS Park (professional soccer stadium, home of the Nashville Sparks) (also an industry tour

2. The Pedestrian Bridge

3. First Horizon Park (minor league baseball stadium, home of the Nashville Sounds)

4. Soundwaves (Opryland Resort’s water park)