Evaluating Personal Career Wellness
SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program Webinar Series

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In this webinar, Steph Kalina of Liberty Mutual led a discussion on career wellness, which refers to the state of one’s overall career satisfaction and success, encompassing various aspects such as work-life balance, personal growth, and job fulfillment.

Topics included:

  • What encompasses career wellness?
  • Evaluating personal career wellness during different stages:
    • Before employment
    • During the job search
    • During your tenure with an employer
  • Determining whether the career opportunity aligns with career goals
  • Understanding what drives meaning for individual career seekers

Steph KalinaSteph Kalina is a fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and has a Master’s of Actuarial Science from Boston University. Steph joined Liberty Mutual in 2015 and currently manages a team of data scientists focused on creating generalized linear models supporting Safeco private passenger auto. She is a career changer, having previously been a lab manager at MIT before pivoting to actuarial science, and is a new mom to a nine-month-old daughter.

Recorded on August 15, 2023