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Our Promising Practices videos are created by our coaches. In them, they give you tips or demo class activities and provide other useful ideas you can use in your classroom or school. 

Promising Practices Articles

Advice and Examples

Our Promising Practices blog posts are filled with great ideas from the sessions at our Making Schools Work Conference. Prefer to listen? Each post includes an audio recording. 


Quick Downloads

Sometimes all you want is something you can download and use in your classroom or school to help with your issue. That’s what you’ll find here: checklists, assignment instructions and more. 


February 2024 Issue

How can a school leader positively impact the culture of their school? In this edition, we offer tips on creating a culture of learning that spans from the leaders to faculty and students. 


January 2024 Issue

How can you make sure you are reaching every student? In this edition, we offer tips on creating systems of support that help everyone of the kids that come through your school. 


December 2023 Issue

Twas the holiday season, and all through SREB, not a creature was stirring…because we were all at home on holiday leave! So, in our early December edition, we compiled all of your favorite resources from our 2023 Promising Practices Newsletters. Enjoy!