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Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas elected SREB chair

Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas was elected 2015-16 SREB chair Sunday at SREB’s annual meeting in Naples, Florida. Chancellor Glen Johnson of Oklahoma is vice chair, and Senator Robert Plymale of West Virginia serves as treasurer. Legislative Advisory Council officers are Representative Tom Dickson of Georgia and Senator Reginald Tate of Tennessee.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Commission on Career and Technical Education Releases Report, Surveys States

The SREB Commission on Career and Technical Education calls on state leaders to create relevant career pathways that lead students from high school to postsecondary education and training — and help them secure good jobs in demand in their states. Credentials for All: An Imperative for SREB States offers eight actions states can take to reach this goal: Double the number of young adults who hold a credible credential or degree by the age of 25.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Ready for high school: Courses for the Transition From 8th to 9th Grade

Building on its Readiness Courses to prepare high school students for college, SREB is working with states to create courses for underprepared eighth- and ninth-grade students. Expert middle grades and high school teachers from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia are teaming with SREB to develop the courses, which will be available in all states at no cost in 2016-17.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Mapping the Way Through 2-Year College to Careers

Colleges should guide students along structured pathways from high school through community college to careers, according to the report of SREB’s Commission on Community Colleges. Steps along the path to completion:

  • Students choose a major early, no later than the end of their first term
  • Colleges define, for each degree program, a roadmap of requirements so each student has a graduation plan.
  • College advisors monitor student progress toward the plan and intervene immediately, if students get off track, with academic support or other advice.

The Commission offers 21 recommendations, covering not only structurally guided pathways but also affordability and readiness to succeed in postsecondary education.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Early Learning Is Critical Infrastructure

What happens in a child’s first three years has deep and long-lasting implications for success in school and life. SREB’s Early Childhood Commission heard more evidence of the return on investing in early learning at its meeting in Louisville last week. That return is at least 4:1 — but only for high quality, intensive programs. The task facing state policy makers, said Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, chair of the Commission: “What policies will help develop resilient families and children who will arrive at school ready to succeed at school and life?”

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Tuition Savings: Out-of-State Degrees, In-State Rates

Across the South, high school seniors and their parents are deciding where they can afford college in the fall.  Many will save through SREB’s Academic Common Market, which lets families avoid out-of-state tuition for almost 2,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs not available in students’ home states.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Moving forward: Learning From Leading States, Supporting Educators

States have accomplished an enormous amount of work to implement their college- and career- readiness standards, laying the groundwork for higher student achievement in schools statewide. Last week, SREB published results of an extensive multi-year study documenting progress in 14 states and trends across them. The reports identify leading states to learn from based on efforts in recent years. The goal: help states learn from one another and collaborate as they continue this complex and far-reaching work.

Policy & Practice Newsletter

Connecting Policy-Makers With Timely Facts

With legislative sessions underway in the majority of Southern states, SREB resources are a call or a click away for many issues states are addressing this year, including standards, assessments, educator effectiveness, affordability and early education.