Education Level: Middle Grades


Middle Grades
Grades 5-8

Piedmont Middle School, Charlotte

In early adolescence, interventions are critical to move students up the path to academic success and keep them from veering off course. No transition is more important than the often-difficult one from 8th to 9th grade.

Publication Gene Bottoms 201122 pages (11E15)

A New Mission for the Middle Grades
Preparing Students for a Changing World

Report of the SREB Middle Grades Commission

The report of the SREB Middle Grades Commission issues an urgent call for states to improve achievement in the middle grades so  students are ready for success in rigorous high school courses and better prepared to graduate and proceed to college or technical training. A New Mission for the Middle Grades offers a comprehensive roadmap for change,

Publication 200948 pages(09E04)

Keeping Middle Grades Students on the Path to Success in High School

This report, part of the Challenge to Lead education goals series, documents the stall of progress in middle grades reading and math achievement. It analyzes results on state assessments and the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) and indicates steps that will help states regain progress in achievement. It also lays out five specific strategies states can use to keep middle grades students on the path to success — from building a better- aligned sequence of math courses, to increasing professional development for middle grades teachers.


Publication May 201212 pages(12E02R)

Smart Class-Size Policies for Lean Times

This policy brief summarizes class-size reduction policies across the region, reviews research on the issue, and offers recommendations on how states might make sensible adjustments without jeopardizing student achievement.