SREB History

Publication 201316 pages(13E04)

65 Years:
Helping States Improve Education

This timeline report highlights SREB achievements since its founding in 1948 as the nation’s first regional compact for education. Several  efforts have influenced national reform, and SREB states now lead the nation in many measures of educational progress. A list of SREB chairs is included.


Publication July 2018 | 8 pages
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A Path and a Purpose
Gene Bottoms' Career in What Works in Schools

After a 60-year career in education, Gene Bottoms, senior vice president of SREB, retired in April 2018. His contributions to education in the southern region and beyond are difficult to overestimate. In 31 years with SREB, Bottoms helped revamp career education in America and set in place school improvement practices that have improved the prospects of hundreds of thousands of students.