Governor’s Budget Proposal and State of the State Address in Delaware

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The governor’s 2015 State of the State address featured the Delaware Promise, which has a goal for 65 percent of the state’s workforce to possess a high school diploma, college degree or professional certificate by 2025. A component of this is Pathways to Prosperity, through which public schools, universities and employers will partner to provide specialized instruction and hands-on training. 

The governor’s 2015-16 budget proposal would provide $3.9 million in general funds, up 2.4 percent over 2014-15. Colleges and universities would receive $230.3 million, up 1.7 percent. The state Department of Education would see a 3.7 percent increase, bringing general funds to nearly $1.3 billion. This increase includes $1.1 billion for school district operations, up 2.9 percent.