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Teacher Workforce Policy
State Policies to Elevate the Profession and Address Shortages

The most important thing a school can do for a student’s education is ensure they have a good teacher. States need a strong teacher workforce to increase student learning and to build a stronger economy. SREB helps state leaders address teacher shortages and improve policies that affect teachers across their careers — including recruiting, supporting and retaining great teachers.

A Comprehensive Approach to Teacher Workforce Policy


These four elements support teachers at every stage of their careers — from candidates and early career teachers, to professional teachers and teacher leaders


Building a First-Rate Teacher Workforce
Four Fundamentals of Attracting and Retaining Great Teachers — Starting with Data

 A teacher and an elementary school student sitting at a table together smiling at each other.Districts and schools are having to rely on a “warm body” approach to address teacher shortages, focusing on filling numerical vacancies over teacher qualification or preparedness. But taking a closer look at four fundamental areas of data can help make efforts to solve shortages more effective and longer-lasting.

Publication May 2024
Since the pandemic, Teacher vacancies rose, Teacher retention declined,  Applicants decreased

Teacher Labor Market Trends
Insights From Two Southern States

Teacher shortages, high turnover rates and declining interest in the teaching profession have proven difficult for policymakers to address. These concerns are even more dire in Southern states. 

Partnering with researchers at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education, SREB studied data in Kentucky and Tennessee on teacher labor market trends over the last decade. This online report features seven findings with interactive charts.  

Publication April 2022 | 16 pages
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A Blueprint to Solve Teacher Shortages

Imagine a world where more great people enter teaching, stay in the profession, and get better and better. How do we achieve this?

This report offers insight on how to elevate the profession by renovating policies that affect the teacher workforce. With lessons from SREB states that have forged comprehensive plans, it covers pathways and preparation, licensing, mentoring and support, and compensation structures. The report also includes data on shortages, what causes them and how they hurt our economy.