Topic: Teacher Workforce Policy


Teacher Workforce Policy
State Policies to Recruit and Support Teachers Throughout Their Careers

The most important thing a school can do for a student’s education is to ensure she has a good teacher. And states need a strong teacher workforce to increase student achievement. To help state leaders address teacher shortages and improve policies to prepare, certify and pay teachers. SREB:

  • tracks policies, actions and research across the continuum to help  policymakers with decisions 
  • convenes leaders to examine promising policies and decide together what will work in their own states
  • provides assistance with planning as states put policies into action

Teacher Career Continuum

Many schools today struggle to find enough good teachers and keep them in the profession. One way states can address this problem is to recognize that state policy affects the profession from enrollment in teacher preparation programs through retirement. 

Teacher Candidate. Early Career Teacher. Professional Teacher. Teacher Leader.

When states link policies to these levels of the profession, they make it easier to attract and retain quality teachers. Educators grow more effective and are compensated for their improvement, and the teaching profession becomes more attractive to new candidates.


State Education Human Capital Roundtables

Following up on the Teacher Preparation Commission, SREB is convening education human capital roundtables in several states. Roundtable members represent the boards, commissions and agencies charged with improving teacher preparation, educator development and the teaching pipeline. SREB helps roundtables hold challenging conversations on how to improve the quality of their teaching workforce through targeted recruitment, preparation, retention and professional growth strategies. 

When state leaders agree to establish a roundtable, SREB provides customized research and facilitates in-state convenings. Roundtable members develop recommendations for state policy action and create action plans.