Governor’s Budget Proposal and State of the State Address in Tennessee

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In his February State of the State address, Governor Haslam called on the state to continue making gains in education and economic development. He released a $15.1 billion state budget proposal for 2015-16, which supports increasing the number of Tennesseans with postsecondary credentials, building a more efficient government and providing teachers with training and higher compensation.

General funds for K-12 education would increase to $4.5 billion (up 2.9 percent), including an additional $43.8 million to fully fund the state aid formula. The governor recommends $97.6 million to increase teachers’ pay. The proposal would direct $1.6 billion to higher education. Funds would increase 3.9 percent to the university system, up to $507.6 million, and 2.8 percent to the Board of Regents System, up to $675.5 million. The governor also requests additional funds to expand Tennessee Student Assistance Awards and one-time funds to support adults returning to community college.