Schools and Districts

General information

Schools and districts desiring assistance to implement the HSTW, MMGW or TCTW designs more deeply can contract directly with SREB for on-site support. A school improvement specialist will be assigned to the school to provide on-site technical assistance, mentor school and teacher leaders to become instructional leaders, assist the school improvement team in coordinating professional development, and assist the school to implement the HSTW/MMGW/TCTW Key Practices. 

In addition to participating in services within each contract, all contracted schools are encouraged to participate in the state network and the overall HSTW/MMGW/TCTW network. Participation in national workshops and state meetings, along with visits to high-performing sites, are just a few ways schools participate in the network. 

Direct services contracts are negotiated annually in March/April, with service dates beginning in July. View descriptions of the services provided and a sample HSTW contract for direct services

Schools receiving on-site support from SREB have increased expectations for implementation of the framework. School and district leaders, along with the faculty at the school agree to take specific actions to meet targets defined in the contract for implementation of the design. Successful attainment of the targets will help ensure schools meet achievement goals established by the state.