Online School Leadership Training


The SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program’s curriculum of online courses engages principals and school leadership teams in professional development through a Web-based learning environment of study, collaboration, reflection and application of learning to authentic school reform efforts. Each course requires participants to apply acquired skills and strategies to a real problem in their schools related to student performance. Participants will analyze the causes of the problem, arrive at solutions to the problem and develop an action plan with implementation strategies to address the problem. Online Leadership Training Courses are available in seven topics.

Online courses are divided into at least seven units. Each unit requires four to five hours of work to be completed within one week. Participants will normally take eight weeks to complete a course. Whether participants take courses as individuals or as part of a school team, they will gain the most value from this course by committing to regular online engagement, including completing assignments and applying learning to a course project based on an identified problem in their school.

Study Options and Pricing

Participants can enroll in facilitated courses or independent study opportunities. A hybrid option, involving online learning supported by some face-to-face coaching, is also available.

  • Facilitated courses are led by trained and experienced educators who guide a lively, interactive mixture of teamwork, study, writing, reflection, collaboration and networking among participants.  
    • Registration cost per individual: $295 per person, per course
    • Registration cost per individual for teams of 5 or more: $275 per person, per course
  • Hybrid training opportunities — combining face-to-face and online training — offer the most value in terms of flexibility of schedule, the development of professional learning communities and cost. On-site face-to-face training and site walkthroughs can be scheduled to suit to a school’s needs, with additional follow-up scheduled as needed.
    • Registration with one day of face-to-face coaching (minimum of 15 participants): $400 per person, per course
    • Registration with one day of face-to-face coaching (minimum of 30 participants): $350 per person, per course