What is AC?


The Advanced Career model calls for designing, implementing and continuously improving a pathway of four career and technical education courses in a specific career field, with key features to ensure it is rigorous enough for students to meet college- and career-readiness standards.

Two of the courses are considered foundational, and two are more advanced, with the potential for the student to earn dual (both high school and postsecondary) credit. The courses are transportable and scalable across states and schools, with a strong focus on quality, so students are ready for an entry-level job or can move into postsecondary education without remediation.

Key Features

The model spells out nine specific features to guide states, such as:

  • A solid academic core in English, mathematics, science and social science
  • Challenging, authentic projects and assignments in the context of the career field
  • Employer and business involvement
  • End-of-course assessments
  • In-depth instructor training
  • Opportunities to award academic credit