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SREB has worked with 350 middle grades and high schools in 38 states, providing LDC and MDC training, coaching and in-school support to 2,500 educators. These lead teachers then introduce the tools to several thousand teachers in their home schools and districts, building capacity for in-school professional development through professional learning communities.

In Arkansas, SREB partnered with the Arkansas Department of Education in 2011 to roll out LDC in 12 high schools. That number increased to 48 schools in 2012 and 179 schools in 2013. SREB has developed 60 LDC trainers and 30 MDC trainers in Arkansas; many of them are part of co-op centers and have delivered training to teachers at other schools. SREB estimates that more than 80 percent of Arkansas’s 300 high schools have been exposed to some level of LDC and MDC training.

SREB is working with the West Virginia Department of Education to prepare and certify trainers in LDC and MDC, as well as to provide job-embedded training in pilot schools. SREB has trained eight LDC teachers and eight MDC teachers during the 2013-14 school year. SREB is also helping develop a roll-out plan to implement LDC and MDC in every middle grades school and every high school in the state.

In Georgia, SREB is working with Gwinnett County Public Schools to convert five comprehensive high schools into the academy design. Gwinnett is one of the nation’s largest school districts, serving more than 168,000 students, and is a winner of the Broad Prize for Urban Education. SREB is providing LDC training to 140 English/language arts, social studies and science teachers and MDC training to 70 math teachers at the ninth and 10th-grade levels to improve student performance on Georgia’s college- and career-readiness standards.

And in Kentucky, SREB is collaborating with middle schools to link LDC and MDC with the Kentucky Framework for Teaching. A critical part of this effort involves working with principals on classroom observations and supporting teachers to effectively implement LDC and MDC practices.