Program Offering Changes
Important Participation Information


Program offerings are subject to change without notice. Final decisions on program offerings are determined by state coordinators. SREB cannot determine whether the program you seek is offered by a public institution in your home state. 

Some institutions participate at only the undergraduate level or the graduate level. Some institutions participate starting at the junior level.

Find specifics under the Additional State and Institutional Notes section of the search programs page.

Doctoral-Level First-Professional Programs Excluded from ACM in 2022 

The following first-professional degrees will no longer be eligible for Academic Common Market starting January 1, 2022: Audiology (Au.D), Chiropractic (DC), Pharmacy (Pharm.D), and Physical Therapy (DPT). For more information, please contact your state ACM coordinator.

Florida, Texas: Graduate Level Only

Florida and Texas participate in the Academic Common Market at the graduate level only. This is a reciprocal agreement for Florida and Texas residents as well as the out-of-state students who wish to study in these states.

North Carolina No Longer Participates

As a result of the General Assembly of North Carolina’s Appropriations Act of 2011, North Carolina no longer participates in the Academic Common Market.