Workshop Overview


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Bring a Team

Professional development (PD) is most successful when planned and implemented together. We recommend teams from middle grades schools, high schools, career and technical education (CTE) centers, or districts include at least an administrator, a counselor, an academic teacher and a CTE teacher. Content experts will be available to assist teams in planning and developing an effective advisement program.


At this PD event, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the need for providing all students an adviser/coach/mentor.
  2. Create a support system that addresses students’ need for personal, social, academic, postsecondary education/training, and career knowledge and skills.
  3. Create a systematic plan for assisting students to develop a personalized education and career plan.
  4. Design and implement an advisement system that will launch students on their journey to a successful future.


School or district teams will leave the workshop with:

  1. A structural framework for a successful advisement system that provides the advisement implementation team with grade-level coordinators, floaters, weekly advisement schedules, training and more
  2. Grade-level topics, resources and evaluation plans
  3. A four to five-year advisement implementation plan that begins in grade six and continues through graduation
  4. Up to 20 electronic lesson plans per grade level beginning in grade six and concluding in grade 12
  5. Resources that can be used for ongoing PD with the entire faculty and staff
  6. A plan for summer PD for the entire faculty and staff
  7. Contact information of content experts who can provide technical assistance