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Collaborative Insurance and Technology Savings

SREB partners with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact to bring cost containment strategies to SREB states. 

Any public or not-for-profit higher education institution in SREB member states may elect to participate in one or more of the following cost-saving opportunities.

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MHECare Student Health Care Program

With a grant from Lumina Foundation, MHEC responded to increasing costs for student health insurance by providing member institutions with a sustainable student health insurance program. MHECare provides robust health reform compliant benefits to students, streamlined plan administration, and economies of scale through MHEC’s purchasing power. MHECare helps institutions support the student learning experience by providing protection from unexpected medical expenses.

Email Jennifer Dahlquist at MHEC.

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Master Property Program

MHEC’s property insurance program secures broad insurance coverage and service to meet the needs of the member institutions, stabilize costs over time, and provide dividend returns when loss experience is favorable. Campuses across the nation participate, with total insured values of more than $93 billion.

Email Carla Ahrens at MHEC.

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MHECtech Technology Purchasing

This technology purchasing program seeks to leverage the combined volume of campuses in member states by negotiating favorable agreements with technology vendors. Contracts are only entered into when they provide institutions with discounts they are unlikely to find in other arenas. As a result, MHEC contracts provide significant savings. 

Find details on your state’s savings in SREB and Member State reports. 

Email Nathan Sorensen at MHEC.