Better Teacher Supports and Compensation
Rethinking Teacher Workforce Solutions Webinar Series

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The third in a three-part series exploring how states can rethink teacher workforce solutions for the short term, while the pandemic challenges state economies, and for the long term, to combat teacher shortages holistically.

This webinar focused on innovative policy strategies for supporting teachers in their practice and creating sustainability models to maintain these supports permanently.

It also featured an analysis of teacher compensation packages and methods. SREB will debut its new Teacher Compensation Dashboard and research brief. Panelists will include members of SREB’s Education Human Capital Roundtables.


Terri Collins, state representative, Alabama Legislature 

Robyn Miller, chief deputy superintendent of public instruction, Oklahoma State Department of Instruction

Cory Murphy, executive director, Office of Teaching and Leading, Mississippi Department of Education 



Recorded January 27, 2021