State of the State, Governor’s Budget in Georgia

Blog post

On January 14, the governor delivered his 2015 State of the State address, calling on state government to work together to meet economic, education, transportation, health care and public safety challenges. He announced his Education Reform Commission, which will study Georgia’s education system and education funding formula, and will issue recommendations on increasing access to early learning programs, recruiting and retaining effective educators and expanding educational options. He also proposed a constitutional amendment to establish an Opportunity School District, which would allow the state to take over and reform failing public schools.

The governor's proposed budget for 2015-16 would provide $8.5 billion in general funds for K-12 education (up 5.1 percent), including $8.2 billion for the Quality Basic Education funding formula (up 5.2 percent). The University System of Georgia would receive $2 billion (up 4.7 percent) and the technical college system would receive $339.8 million (up 2.4 percent). General funds for the Accel dual enrollment program would more than double to $21.4 million. Additionally, the governor proposes increasing award amounts for lottery-funded HOPE scholarships and grants.